Join UTeach

Why Implement UTeach?

Implementing a UTeach program on your campus can help to accomplish many goals:

  • Increase the number of highly qualified secondary STEM teachers that your university produces.
  • Increase the content knowledge of secondary STEM teachers trained at your university.
  • Ensure that your graduates enter the teaching profession ready to teach using hands-on, inquiry-based, and problem or project-based instruction, able to excite and inspire their secondary students in STEM fields.
  • Add a second career option to the degrees of your undergraduate STEM majors, without closing any doors for those graduates who go on to STEM careers or graduate school.

What are the benefits to joining the national UTeach network?

  • Become part of a national movement that has been recognized by corporate America, the National Academies of Science, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Change the Equation, 100Kin10, and other national education-focused organizations.
  • Join a cadre of more than 1,000 faculty and staff at 44 institutions, public and private, collaborating to improve secondary STEM education.
  • Access the UTeach Institute’s full suite of instructional and programmatic resources, as well as on-demand support and program assessment.
  • Access a research-based, innovative curriculum designed to develop strong content knowledge and STEM-specific pedagogical knowledge and practices.
  • Access grant opportunities and partnerships limited to UTeach programs.

How are UTeach programs funded?

A university can use a variety of funding sources and models to start a UTeach program. UTeach is meant to be a long-term, university-sustained project, though most universities secure outside funding to help with the initial start-up costs of implementation. Potential sources of start-up funding include the following:

  • State departments of education
  • Federal grant opportunities
  • Private corporate, philanthropic, or individual donors
  • Targeted RFPs from a national funder (contingent upon availability)
  • University self-funds

Is UTeach right for you?

Implementing a UTeach program is a five-year process comprehensively supported by the UTeach Institute.

Before committing to implement the UTeach model, key stakeholders should carefully consider whether UTeach is a good fit for their university and local context. Universities should become familiar with the UTeach program model, assess their local needs, and examine their capacity for successful implementation.

The annual UTeach Conference is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the program and network with UTeach faculty and staff.

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