Implementation Process

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A Comprehensive Implementation Process

We guide universities through a period of comprehensive planning, followed by four years of operational and instructional implementation. During this period, we offer intensive support and ongoing progress evaluation to establish a UTeach program that will be successful and sustainable beyond the grant that gets it started.

Program Planning Period

For a period of months leading up to the first year of UTeach implementation, we work closely with university faculty and staff to construct a working program budget, initiate student recruiting activities, prepare for the first semester of coursework and field placements, communicate the program evaluation process, and cultivate support for program sustainability.

Program Implementation

Whereas certain university activities, such as student recruitment, may quickly become routine, development of program components requires time and ongoing support. During the grant period, universities are particularly focused on rolling out new courses each semester, as well as building local program identity, providing student support, engaging in various types of program evaluation activities, and planning for sustainability. In addition, faculty and staff interact regularly with peers at other universities implementing the UTeach model.